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A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Historical and Educational Organization (donations are welcome and tax deductible) dedicated to the authentic portrayal of one of the most famous Scottish Highland Regiments in the British Army of the 19th Century. If not for the Highland Regiments much of what we now call Scottish Traditions might have been lost forever.

Living History recreates the clothing, equipment and way of life of our ancestors thus bringing history to life for the public and participant alike.

The uniforms and equipment of the 93rd SHRoFLHU are exact reproductions of those used by the original Regiment in the 1800's. Long hours over many years are devoted to research and construction ensuring the authenticity of the Unit.

93rd Honour Guard at New Orleans, January 1995.
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The Parish where Chalmette Battlefield National Park is located was devasted by Hurricanes Katrina & Rita.
The 93rd supports relief efforts on the Gulf Coast:

January 2005. 93rd Honour Guard at New Orleans.

The Unit depicts the 93rd of the early 19th century, with primary emphasis on the 1812/Napoleonic era, extending into the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny of the 1850's, with some members producing new uniforms for each different era. The Unit participates in many events across North America and Europe (see the Highland Brigade link in the Guideposts) including the Battle of New Orleans at Chalmette National Historical Park, laying a memorial wreath in honour of the real 93rd. (This temporary wreath is the only memorial to any of the over 2000 British casualties at New Orleans. Shame!)
At the annual Chalmette event in January, the names of those killed at New Orleans of the 93rd are read aloud during the Memorial Ceremony by the 93rd SHRoFLHU. The Unit first performed this addition to the Memorial Ceremony at the January 1999 event.

The Roll Call of the fallen of the 93rd read at Chalmette Battlefield, New Orleans, January 1999. (Photo courtesy of Nat Belloni.)
"They are not forgotten."

The original 93rd was raised in 1799 from the lands and islands in northern-most Scotland. In 1805 they served in the recapture of the Cape of Good Hope and remained in garrison there until 1814 when sent to America for the New Orleans campaign. The 93rd was the only Highland regiment present with the British Army at this battle. At New Orleans the 93rd suffered the heaviest British casualties as they remained "firm & immovable as a Brick Wall" (no running through the brambles contrary to a popular song). Contrary to the movies, the 93rd wore trews (pants) at New Orleans, the Regiment's only defeat. The 93rd at all of their victories wore, of course, the kilt!

The 93rd served with distinction around the world in the following years, always noted for their great sense of duty & discipline. In the Crimean War on 25th October 1854 the 93rd earned immortal fame as, standing alone in line, they repulsed a massed Russian cavalry charge at Balaklava, thus becoming the one and only THIN RED LINE.

"The Thin Red Line"

During the 1857 Indian Mutiny the 93rd earned Seven Victoria Crosses during the reliefs of Lucknow, 6 of which were won in one day. The Regiment was a favourite of Queen Victoria's.

For a more detailed history of the 93rd click here.

In 1881 the 93rd merged with the 91st Argyllshire Regiment and became the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders as they are known to this day, who have graciously assisted the Unit in research and, with their Colonel-in-Chief, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, encourage the efforts of the Unit. If ever in Scotland be sure to visit the Regimental Museum & Headquarters in Stirling Castle.

The 93rd SHRoFLHU exists as a living memorial to the valour and suffering of the 93rd. Brave deeds are tempered with remembrances of terrible hardship. By honouring those of the past their memory is preserved for the future. This is our purpose in REENACTMENT and LIVING HISTORY. İ2005

Sans Peur

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